Audiojungle Tips & Tricks

Searching for the right background song on Audiojungle can be a tough task. With thousands of different options and solutions this process can take hours if not weeks.

But fear not – there are some tips and tricks which can help you to find your way through the jungle much faster and less painful.

I often come across different forum threads with problems people are mention while shopping for stock audio. I gathered all this issues in one basket and developed quick and easy solution for the most frequent problems.

In this article i’ll try to share with you the most useful and convenient ones, so let’s get started.

1. Download Preview File first and simply insert and try it in your project before make a purchase . There is no need to rush and spend your money on anything until its 100% fits your needs.

If you work on a project for a client and you need his confirmation about the song you’re going to use, it will be the best solution to avoid unnecessary problems in case the client won’t like it. You can easily replace the clean file (without watermark) later without any hassle.

Our preview files are always exactly the same length as original tracks, so there won’t be any additional work afterwards. Just replace it and you’re good to go.

2. Favorite Items you want to purchase later. If you have found the right item for your project, but decided to download the preview file first, its always a good idea to bookmark the item to easily find it later.

Even if AudioJungle preview files now have unique names it still might be tricky to find the right item as a lot of them have exactly the same name and search engine gives you a lot of similar results. This is where Favorite Items section comes very helpful.

3. Use Search Filters. Don’t forget that you can narrow your search request by using search filters. You can exclude items by category, tags, price, length, vocals and tempo.

There is also a very interesting checkbox called “Looped”. What does it exactly means? The looped version of the music track can seamlessly repeat itself several times when the audio file is played end to end and placed one after another inside your video project. This is useful if you don’t know the exact length of your project or you think that it can be changed later (for example a client asked you to add more footages to a project). Or if you simply likes the track but original version is too short.

There is another very important checkbox named “Include P.R.O. Music” but we’ll discover it in the dedicated article.